Asset Managers

Social Impact Investment® Validation for all organizations in the ESG marketplace with the ultimate in search capability and transparency.

The Social Impact Investment® service provides organizations a platform to share all their Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Social and Governance data with investors, consumers, regulators, and others with security only our proprietary private blockchain can provide; Social Impact Investment® service clients own their data and control all aspects of access.

Asset Managers request access to organizational data via the Social Impact Investment® service dashboard – Organizations issue a 1-time digital key allowing your team access. It’s that simple.

The Social Impact Investment® service platform was founded to deliver transparency to the global ESG movement; enabling asset managers in the space to connect on a single platform generating much needed transparency with all organizational ESG data securely stored on Social Impact Investment® proprietary private blockchain. Social Impact Investment® service provides asset managers a secure platform to review all pertinent ESG, CSR data. Social Impact Investment® clients own and control their data on the platform through digital key permissions on their dashboard.

Included on the Social Impact Investment® Platform:

Unlimited search of organizational ESG and CSR data:

  • On the Social Impact Investment® Private Blockchain Platform.
    - Organizations upload their data onto our private blockchain platform, asset managers access organizational ESG and CSR data through permission based digital key.
  • On our Private Social Impact Investment® search engine.
    - A Social Impact search engine focused on financial reporting sites like EDGAR, also focused on private reporting sites like Reddit. Non-ad-based search algorithm.

The transparency the Social Impact Investment® service platform generates and drives much needed liquidity for organizations and is the best evidence-based tool for all ESG investors.

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